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Access infomation

The Chubu region is geographically centrally located.

The region is located between the metropolises of Tokyo to the east, and Osaka and Kyoto to the west. The area includes Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Nagano, Gifu, Shizuoka, Mie and Shiga Prefectures. The Chubu region’s World Heritage listed sites, Gifu Prefectures’ Shirakawa-Go in the Takayama district, the Toyama Alpen Route, and Mt. Fuji are easily accessed from Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. The region is fast becoming popular among foreign tourists.

Regtional map

It takes about an hour and a half from Tokyo to Nagoya by Tokaido Shinkansen Bullet Train, and about two and a half hours from Tokyo to Kanazawa via the Hokuriku Shinkansen Bullet Train. The major cities within the Chubu area are accessible within 3 hours from Chubu Centrair International airport.

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