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"Tourism" plays a significant role regarding how to promote international exchanges and how to vitalize the economy of Japan. Therefore, the nation of Japan is exerting itself under the banner of "a Tourism-Oriented Country".

In order to vitalize tourism in Japan as well as to develop international tourism, it is an urgent task to seek tourism policies relevant to needs of visitors and to promote "Wide-area Tourism" responding to a wide range of activities of tourists.

Tokai, Hokuriku and Shinshu areas, located in a center of Japan, are all blessed with superb and unique resources of tourism. Those areas must function as a hub center of exchanges by collaborating each other and promoting wide-area tourism.

To this end, "Chubu Wide-area Tourism Promotion Council" was established on October 28th, 2005 so that local governments, tourism associations and economic entities can cooperate to build "Chubu Wide-area Tourism Sphere". Thus far, the council has been making efforts to be a propelling power of creating its wide-area tourism network as well as making new communities in respective areas.

Basic principles

In pursuit of comprehensive measures as Chubu region, we utilize each area's characteristics so that all the stakeholders of Chubu tourism industry can promote core projects which enable them to be united and helpful beyond their boundaries.

  • 1.Projects doable only with wide-area tourism
  • 2.Projects effective only with wide-area tourism
  • 3.Projects rewarding to Chubu region as a whole

Chubu Wide-area Tourism Promotion Council

Postal code 450-0002 Kotsu building 3rd floor, 3-13-26, Mei-eki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City




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