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gifuMinokamo Culture Forest
Minokamo Culture Forest
This Museum has special exhibitions on history, archaeology and contemporary art which spotlights artists who are related to the Minokamo region. In addition to this, the Museum also holds permanen...
gifuFeather Safety Razor Museum
Feather Safety Razor Museum
Collects about 10,000 point data to be "Leave the razor culture vanishing", Exhibition of 5000 point tacit understanding. It introduces an easy-to-understand the history and culture of th...
gifuHida-no-Sato (Hida Folk Village) Hands-on Activity Program
Hida-no-Sato (Hida Folk Village)  Hands-on Activity Program
In this village, visitors can observe some old restored private houses in the Hida area, including four houses designated important cultural assets, learn about the seasonal events of olden times a...
aichiToyota Automobile Museum
Toyota Automobile Museum
Toyota Automobile Museum consists of a main building and an annex. The main building displays 120 prestigious foreign and domestic cars and provides visitors with a comprehensive history of the aut...
aichiKirin Beer Park Nagoya
Kirin Beer Park Nagoya
In operation since 1962, Kirin Beer Nagoya Factory is the oldest beer factory in the Tokai area and this facility renovated its old factory so visitors may watch the unique brewing kettles for boil...
aichiPottery Footpath
Pottery Footpath
Local pottery making was a thriving Showa period from Taisho is maintained as "pottery Promenade", original landscape of Japan to feel nostalgia regardless of the age or sex is left.
1. Tile Museum: the only museum in Japan dedicated to tiles featuring a 7,000-piece collection of historic tiles from 25 countries. 2. Kiln Plaza: Originally constructed around 90 years ago, this i...
aichiRokugogawa Iron Bridge, Museum Meiji Mura
Rokugogawa Iron Bridge, Museum Meiji Mura
The Rokugogawa Iron Bridge, the first twin-track bridge in Japan, designated as national tangible cultural property, was completed in 1877. The bridge was designed by an English engineer R.V. Boyle...
aichiOkashi no-Shiro (Sweet Castle)
Okashi no-Shiro (Sweet Castle)
With more than 200 sugar works on display, visitors can enjoy hands-on activity classes for baking cookies and biscuits, rent a dress and dine at this museum’s all-you-can-eat-and-drink restaurant....
aichiShibakawa Mataemon House, Museum Meiji Mura
Shibakawa Mataemon House, Museum Meiji Mura
Designated tangible cultural asset, the house was built as a villa for Mr. Mataemon Shibakawa in 1911, a merchant in Osaka, and designed by Mr. Goichi Takeda, who started an architecture course at ...
aichiShin-Ohashi Bridge, Museum Meiji Mura
Shin-Ohashi Bridge, Museum Meiji Mura
Some 173 meters long with 2 supports, Shin-Ohashi bridge, is a designated tangible cultural asset built between Nihonbashi-hamacho and Fukagawa-atakecho in 1912, one of the five big bridges built o...
shizuokaGeen-pia Makinohara
Geen-pia Makinohara
The Makinohara Tea Plantation is a renowned tea-producing district in Japan. Visitors can learn about the process of manufacturing sencha (medium grade tea) in this factory located amid tea fields ...
shizuokaWorld Tea Museum
World Tea Museum
Visitors can rediscover the culture and marvel of tea at this museum which has both a tea house and a garden pond, which the visitor is free to look around.
MIZKAN MUSEUM, also known as MIM, is an interactive museum where you’ll learn about Mizkan’s traditional history of making vinegar and food culture in a fun and involving way.
ishikawaKutani Pottery Center
Kutani Pottery Center
The Kutani Pottery Center is located on the premises of the Kutani Pottery Museum in Nomi City.
ishikawaWajima Museum of Lacquer(Urushi) Art
Wajima Museum of Lacquer(Urushi) Art
This is one of the leading museums in Japan that specializes in lacquer (Urushi) Art. In addition to some time-honored Wajima lacquerware, a number of fine lacquer art works by various artists from...
ishikawaKutani Kosen Pottery (Kiln)
Kutani Kosen Pottery (Kiln)
This is the only place in Kanazawa where the whole process of pottery manufacture, from pottery wheel work to painting, is done by hand. Visitors can observe craftsmen making pottery at Kutani; its...
ishikawaSakuda Gold and Silver Leaf Museum
Sakuda Gold and Silver Leaf Museum
Visitors can enjoy choosing from a wide variety of gold leaf products on sale (such as accessories and art crafts), using the traditional skillful technique handed down over the past 400 years, wat...
ishikawaKanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum
Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum
Kanazawa accounts for 99 percent of all gold leaf produced in Japan. This is the only museum in Japan which exclusively exhibits a wide variety of collections using gold leaf and relating materials.
naganoSawaya Co., Ltd.
Sawaya Co., Ltd.
This facility provides visitors with a factory tour to learn about the manufacture of its jams, which are made from fresh fruits harvested in season, and offers the opportunity to experience this f...